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Cloud Storage Pricing
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Cloud Storage Pricing

Only pay to store your files, not to access them

As a Cloud Leverage™ Cloud Storage customer, your monthly storage costs are just that… for storage because we do not charge for data transfer*. Uploads, downloads, puts, gets, etc. are included. Plus, all access clients (Windows Native Desktop, WebDAV, Windows Sync, Windows Mobile, iPhone, CIFS, NFS, REST API), a feature-rich customer management portal, and 24/7/365 US-based support are all included in your monthly per Gigabyte per data center charge.

Cloud Leverage allows you to choose exactly where your storage is located. We charge per Gigabyte per month for each datacenter in which you choose to store your data (2 TB minimum). You tell us exactly where you want your data to live. Choose as few as one or as many as nine datacenters to create your own storage grid. Plus, the cost per Gigabyte decreases as more data centers are added or for higher volumes of storage.

Custom Solution: For additional information or a custom quote, please contact us or click the chat button to the right.

Monthly per GB pricing based on amount of storage and number of datacenters:

Data Center and Volume Based Pricing** 2 - 10 TB 10-40 TB 40+ TB
Cost per GB for 1st data center $.09/GB $.08/GB $.05/GB
Cost per GB for 2nd data center $.08/GB $.06/GB $.05/GB
Cost per GB for additional data centers (up to 9) $.05/GB $.05/GB $.05/GB
Total cost per GB for 3 data centers (100% SLA) $.22/GB $.19/GB $.15/GB

If you choose a single datacenter, we store your data in Asheville, NC. You may also add data locations in Dallas, TX; Fremont, CA; Seattle, WA; New York, NY; Toronto, Canada; London, U.K.; Mumbai, India; Singapore City, Singapore.

Selecting multiple datacenters not only increases data redundancy, but it increases performance too! We recommend choosing datacenters close to people who will be accessing the files. Users are always connected to the closest datacenter to enhance their access speeds. All files stored in the cloud are stored at all of your datacenters and are synchronized automatically.

The minimum amount of storage we sell is 2 TB with additional storage sold in 1 TB increments.

Free Access to the Cloud

It costs nothing to upload and download files from Cloud Storage. Users can move files as often as they want, without having to worry about high data transfer charges.

CDN Delivery Option

If you choose to use the CDN Web-Publishable URL option, then your files will be cached and delivered from all 32+ of our global datacenters, increasing performance to users everywhere. When used, the cost is $0.10 per GB transferred.

Compare our Pricing to the Competition

Our competition likes to charge for all sorts of peculiar things to increase their revenues. This makes it difficult for organizations to calculate the true costs of cloud storage. Here is a list similar to that of our competition showing exactly what Cloud Leverage charges.

Data Transfer Costs $0.00 - FREE!
Uploads $0.00 - FREE!
Downloads $0.00 - FREE!
Puts $0.00 - FREE!
Requests $0.00 - FREE!
Bandwidth $0.00 - FREE!
Regional Access fees $0.00 - FREE!
Global Access fees $0.00 - FREE!
Access Clients $0.00 - FREE!
Mobile Clients $0.00 - FREE!
Desktop Sync Client $0.00 - FREE!
Technical Support  $0.00 - FREE!

*Pricing is per month and includes all data transfer and bandwidth, unless using a web publishable URL which will then be delivered by our global content delivery platform for $.10/GB.

**Pricing is per month and based on minimum monthly commit. Ongoing billing will be based on per usage (storage used). There are no overage penalties as pricing for usage above the monthly commitment will automatically be charged at the same contracted the per GB per data center rate. Overages are rounded up to and billed in 1 TB increments.



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